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Through this blog you can learn how to cheat Zynga Poker on facebook, this blog does NOT show you how to hack passwords/chips. We show you how you can CHEAT the game, not the players!

POKER CHEAT! <- This is the 1 to read!


Secrets Zynga thought would never get out.

Have you ever seen someone win with 27 over AA? Ever wondered how that could possibly happen?
Zynga poker is ran by a luck system not skill... Luck rotates every 8 minutes. How to work this is simple, when you login your on "level flow" this means you winning depends on the other peoples luck ranking at the table. When you log on, for the first 8 minutes play careful. After you have been logged on for 8 minutes go all in on anything, even if it's 29 or whatever, because your luck is in. Play donkey style for 8 minutes, you'll win.
After 8 minutes your lick will be down for 11 minutes, so again play carful until you hit level flow.
The more wins you have the more you reach level flow. And ideally, it's where you want to be.
Level flow gives you around 70% of a win. The more hands you lose, the more your level flow drops.

I will attach a program/video to this.

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Youtube Videos

There are a lot of youtube video's that lead you to believe they can teach you how to get free chips. Although there are some genuine methods that work 99% of facebook poker videos on youtube are scams. People do this to get into your computers witch will then lead them into your facebook poker.

You may ask yourself why I'm willing to help you for free? Well the answer is easy, I have left facebook poker now, I have gone to another niche on the net, a niche where I make money. I figured since I no longer need the resources to mess with zynga poker, I might aswell help people that do.